Rachel’s Story

by Mar 31, 2023

Raphael House also helped Rachel with her children. A few years ago, they took her oldest two on a kayaking trip for a weekend. They left and came back different teens, full of confidence and able to make friends and do better in school.

Rachel says, “I had such a long history of disappointment and heartache. Raphael House has been here the whole time.” With encouragement from her mentor and advocates there, Rachel was now ready for the next step. She was healing but felt like she wanted to do more. She trained and applied for a job with Raphael House as a Domestic Violence Recovery Mentor. She was hired in October 2021 and sees a long future with this work. Rachel now feels like she’s the person she was meant to be and lucky to be able to use her own experience to guide other survivors who are struggling with addiction.

Sometimes Rachel also feels like it’s all too good to be true. She worries about the “benefit cliff” and that she’ll lose supports for her family now that she’s earning money. She’s already lost eligibility for all but a few resources because of her income, and worries that she won’t be able to afford housing or cover costs if she loses the rest.

“There are so many benefits of the job. It is my calling,” Rachel shares. Her children are doing well and she has meaningful work. She has also found a community and family at Raphael House. “I want to do more of this and would like the program to grow. There is so much need for programs [like Raphael House].”

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