We're HereTogether

The Portland region’s homeless crisis demands our attention. Lives are on the line – families, veterans, women escaping domestic violence, and people with chronic health conditions are among those experiencing homelessness. Many for the first time.

HereTogether is a coalition of service providers, business leaders, elected officials, and advocates who all believe homelessness in the Portland area is not an unsolvable problem. We believe a region-wide response that targets the roots of the problem, and for the first time matches the scale and scope to the crisis is how we get there.

There are proven ways to effectively solve homelessness. We just need the public will and a more effective way to come together. That’s what HereTogether is all about.

Our Board Members

Robert Stoll, Board Chair

Mitch Hornecker, Vice Chair

Brendan Barnicle, St. Stevens Episcopal Parish

Marcus Mundy, Coalition of Communities of Color

Shannon Singleton, JOIN & Welcome Home Coalition

Doug Stamm

Kay Toran, Volunteers of America Oregon

Our Staff

Angela Martin, Interim Executive Director

Jessica Chanay, Research & Engagement Director

Lakeeyscia Griffin, Communications Manager

We’re hiring! Learn more about the Executive Director position here.

There are proven solutions to homelessness, but we won't get there unless we come together.


Join us.

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