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 HereTogether is committed to tackling the complex and deeply rooted issue of homelessness because it matters for every person in our community—from the chronically unhoused person living on West Burnside who needs an affordable apartment to the parent who wants to ensure their child can walk safely to school, to the business owner seeing the escalating mental health crisis on their street.

Originally formed as a coalition of diverse stakeholders working in common purpose to secure the resources necessary to tackle our region-wide crisis, HereTogether has evolved into a community-wide movement. We unite service providers, business leaders, elected officials, and advocates to scale our region’s efforts against homelessness, all working towards a shared vision: a future where everyone has a safe, secure place to call home.

“As a coalition partner, we’ve seen firsthand how HereTogether’s advocacy for proven solutions has a tangible impact.” – Mellani Calvin, Executive Director of ASSIST, a direct service provider and HereTogether Coalition Member

The Supportive Housing Services measure (SHS), which the HereTogether coalition developed and passed, is a historic, region-wide, 10-year investment in the wide range of services needed to help our unhoused neighbors transition indoors– and stay housed for years to come. The measure, which is comprised of a tax on is housed at Metro Regional Government, which is in charge of oversight and accountability while Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties deploy its funding to local nonprofits that provide services to our neighbors on the street and at risk of becoming homeless.  

Today, HereTogether serves as an independent watchdog, a bridge between sectors and jurisdictions, and a wide-reaching communicator, utilizing the full power of our 250+ member coalition to advocate for the effective investment of the SHS measure. HT’s work is made possible thanks to support from private donors and foundations. We are committed to addressing the root causes of homelessness in pursuit of a future Portland region where everyone has access to housing, support, services, and income that allow them to thrive. 

Our advoacy is guided by the coalition-backed HereTogether Roadmap, chock full of evidence-based actions developed by our coalition, that elected leaders and jurisdictions can implement now to address our region’s homelessness crisis.

Building a more Just and Equitable Future

Oregon’s housing crisis is steeped in decades of racial discrimination and exclusion. The HereTogether coalition helped develop and pass the region-wide Supportive Housing Services measure with a strong commitment toward centering justice and equity. Now, we work to ensure that decision-makers are held accountable for this promise, especially because BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities are disproportionately and significantly impacted by homelessness.

The crisis on our streets is exacerbated by racism, homophobia and transphobia, sexism, ableism, classism and xenophobia. We work to center equity in all of our work, both within our coalition, our organization and through our advocacy across the region, in order to change systems and ensure a safe and stable home for everyone in our community.

The HereTogether coalition commits to:
Put equity at the center of our work
● Acknowledge the disproportionate impact of historical policies and decisions
● Challenge the status quo that created current systemic inequities
● Collaborate with other institutions and communities with humility
● Remember that place matters when discussing housing and homelessness
● Bring diverse voices to this work and create a culture of inclusion
● Support data driven solutions as a force for good
● Being open to critical feedback and willing to adjust

Our Board Members

Katrina Holland, Advisory Committee Co-Chair, Board Co-Chair
Strategic Engagement Officer & Interim Director of Housing Programs, Urban League of Portland

Mitch Hornecker, Board Co-Chair
Principal, Modoc Consulting, Former President, Portland Business Alliance

Laura Golino de Lovato, Advisory Committee Co-Chair
Executive Director, NW Pilot Project

Michael Parkhurst, Board Treasurer and Secretary
Preservation Program Manager, Oregon Housing and Community Services

Robert Stoll, Chair Emeritus
Retired Attorney, Stoll Berne

Jose Coll, PSU Dean of the School of Social Work

Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot, Associate Dean, Research, OHSU, PSU School of Public Health

Ed Blackburn, Former CEO of Central City Concern

Our Staff

Angela Martin, Director


Sophie Brown, Communications Associate


Kandace King, Administrative Specialist


Our community has come together behind proven solutions to homelessness.


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