There are proven solutions to homelessness.

Service providers already know how to help people experiencing homelessness in the Portland metro region transition to more stable living. It’s up to all of us to come together, scale up our efforts, and support solutions that can meet the size of the problem head-on.

Homes solve homelessness.

More than anything else, access to permanent, affordable housing – combined with supportive services that support long-term stability — reduces homelessness, breaks the cycle of chronic homelessness, and saves money. Supportive housing programs are roughly half the cost of relying on other services to handle chronic homelessness, such as emergency rooms, shelters and jails. These costs are the result of a broken system that has relied on short-term solutions and should not fall on individuals, neighborhoods and communities. Reducing the costs associated with hospital visits and jail time — while also increasing funding toward ongoing supportive services — is important to mitigating the great deal of trauma those experiencing homeless face and diminishing the cost to us as a community.

We know what programs work.

Successful programs create more access to affordable homes, prevent seniors living on Social Security from falling through the cracks, increase income for people transitioning out of homelessness, and connect people with services that support them to succeed.

Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties, along with many specialized nonprofit service providers, have made strides to address growing homelessness in our region through these methods. Additionally, voters in the Portland metro region have passed three ballot measures in recent years that will create thousands of affordable housing units. Successful efforts are already underway – but in order to make meaningful and lasting progress, we must take these efforts to scale.

Successful Efforts to Date

As of summer 2019, approximately 662 affordable homes created by the Portland Housing Bond have been completed or are in progress toward the goal of 1,300. Who is living in this housing?

  • 85 formerly homeless families, including 300 children
  • 84 senior citizens and people with disabilities

The missing piece: a full-scale approach.

Homelessness is not bound by city limits or county lines. By bringing together agencies, organizations and experts in this field from all across the Portland metro region, we can streamline our efforts and grow programs to meet the full scale and scope of the problem.

This is a region-wide problem that needs a region-wide effort. HereTogether is focused on growing public support for a framework that ensures efficiency. Our goal is to maximize and leverage resources with shared, regional goals driving decision making. Working together, we can combine proven strategies, coordinate across cities and counties, and make smart investments to help all of our neighbors secure safe, affordable housing. 

Multnomah County and the City of Portland: Bigger Impact Through Coordination

People Moved from Homelessness to Housing:


2013-2014 (before coordination)



2017-2018 (after coordination)

Households Avoiding Homelessness Through Rent Assistance:


2013-2014 (before coordination)



2017-2018 (after coordination)

Source: A Home For Everyone, End of Year Outcomes Report (2018)

There are proven solutions to homelessness, but we won't get there unless we come together.


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